IPAF Push Around Vertical

Designed to enable operators to manoeuvre, drive and position the Push Around Vertical (PAV) safely and proficiently.

IPAF Push Around Vertical Course Details

Course Content
  • Safe operation of PAV and limitations of use
  • Pre-use checks, inspection and function tests
  • Emergency lowering
  • Planning the route before operating the PAV
  • Introduction to the PAV
  • Major components identification and its function
  • Starting/stopping the PAV, correct starting and shut down procedures
  • Travelling the route and manoeuvring the PAV
  • Setting up the PAV for work
  • Basic operational practice
  • Achievement testing
  • Use of log book, course evaluation and close
By the end of the course, the delegate will:
  • Be fully aware of the relevant Health & Safety regulations and accident prevention and control.
  • Be fully aware of the needs regarding personal protection equipment, correct emergency procedures, capacity and limitations.
  • Be able to manoeuvre and position the machine as required, and operate the machine proficiently and safely.
  • Be able to correctly position and carry out the required tasks in a correct and proper manner.
Course Overview
Duration: Half Day

Number of Delegates: Maximum 8


A mix of theory and practical training, this course is designed to enable operators to manoeuvre and position the machine safely and proficiently. It can be undertaken on Push Around Verticals (PAVs).

Who should Attend
Operators using PAVs.
Additional Information
  • Applicants should be at least 16 years old.
  • It is desirable (but not mandatory) that applicants should be literate.
  • It is desirable ( but not mandatory ) that applicants have had driving experience as an indication of dexterity.
Final qualification

Operators who are already trained in the categories 1a and / or 3a will also be able to use a PAV after being familiarised by a qualified person with the specific machine. On successful completion, delegates that do already hold a IPAF PAL card will have their log book endorsed with this qualification. Delegates that do not hold a PAF PAL Card will receive a PAL photo ID Card, giving instant recognition of identity and the categories accredited. The card is valid for 5 years, after which the delegate would need to be re-assessed.